Summary of top 200 apps in iOS and their presence in WP8

15 Jul, 2013 - By

The following charts represent a summary of the top 200 apps in iOS and how many of those are currently available in WP8. We must take these charts with a grain of salt because while it is true that there are still several top apps currently not in the Windows Phone store, a lot of these companies are currently in the process of developing them for WP. Another important point to note is that while some of these apps may not yet be available in their original form on Windows, there are several other apps exclusively on WP8 that easily rival or are better than those found in iOS or Android. Some notable ones are in the Photography and Maps areas. Nokia especially has put a lot of effort in both of these categories and our experience with the Lumia range shows that not only are their cameras simply awesome, but the range of Photography apps available for those devices are just as good. Similarly, we found while driving around some boonies and in international locations where our data connection would get sketchy, our Android/iOS devices failed us, but our Lumia with its downloaded/offline maps guided us like a champ to our destination.


Given the above information, it is important to note that this chart is not meant to indicate that WP store is lacking in quality, but merely to show developers that there is still a gap in the minds of users wanting to transitioning from other platforms to WP but afraid to do so because their favorite app is not yet available. And that translates to opportunities. Please note that the summary below excludes Games because that’s a whole beast in itself.


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