Mobile Application Ecosystem – The potential for Windows Phone platform

08 Jul, 2013 - By

The iOS App store has more than 900,000 apps with more than 50 billion downloads. Google is not too far behind with more than 850,000 apps and 48 billion app downloads so far. What % of these apps are still being downloaded and used by customers? What is the typical lifespan of an app? Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed back in September ’12 that 90% of the apps are downloaded every month. But that doesn’t mean that the customers use those apps on a regular basis. According to a research done by Pinch Media in 2009, only about 20% of the free applications are accessed the day after they are downloaded. Only 5% of apps are used after 30 days. This is 2013, but we think these statistics still hold true.


What do all these stats mean for Windows Phone?


Windows Phone’s app bucket is much smaller compared to that of iOS and Android with only 160,000 + apps and games. The WP store is especially behind in games and given that approximately 32% of all mobile applications are games, that seems like a significant drawback. However, recent research done by Flurry revealed that while consumers continue to spend a large portion of their time on games, other categories are catching up with the increased richness of the features that they are providing. Social and photo sharing apps are enabling users to share every aspect of their lives; lifestyle and shopping apps are also used around the clock.


A high level comparison of the top 200 free and paid apps was done to further analyze availability of applications on the windows mobile platform. After games, the category with the most number of apps is Photography. Not including games, only 17% of the remaining paid applications have a presence in Windows phone 8, while 48% of the free applications are available on WP. Some popular apps that haven’t made it yet to this latest platform are Social Networking apps such as – Glide, MessageMe, ooVoo, Tinder and Hangouts, Business apps such as TurboScan and HotSchedules, Education apps such Toca, Lumosity, and other several healthcare and lifestyle apps.


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